Who We Are

Nick Janney

Nick is the drummer and vocalist, and is all about writing, playing, and listening to music. His favorite bands consist of: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. The greatest part of the band to him is having the ability to express himself, along with his band, through their music.

Caleb Jaramillo

Caleb, between longboarding, running, and hanging out with friends, plays guitar in his free time, which explains why he's the lead guitarist in Indigo Peaks. The best bands to him are: Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, Rage Against the Machine, and Led Zeppelin. To him, the countless hours that the band spends hanging out in Nick's basement is enough.

Devin Kennedy

Devin runs track and cross country, but mostly just enjoys relaxing and listening to his favorite bands; some of which being Dire Straights and Elvis Presley. As the bassist, Devin likes creating music with the band and appreciates it as much as the rest of them.

Alex Smith

Alex, the Rhythm Guitarist, visits record shops and attends concerts all the time, and it's his hobby to experience them all. The unsurpassed artists to Alex are Mac Demarco, The Grateful Dead, and Death Grips, but he'll listen to almost any genre. Making music is all he needs, and Indigo Peaks really fufills that need, which is why he's stuck with the band for a very long time.